Application Process

Year 1: Advanced Energy Intuition Program

To complete the application, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Class attendance: Confirm that you can attend all 12 class dates. Priority will be given to those who can commit to all classes in the year. Each class builds on the previous one, so attendance is important.

  • Your personal interest in the program: Tell us why you’re interested in being involved, what you hope to gain from the class, including any specific topics you’d like to be addressed during the year.

  • $400 deposit: Acknowledge that you understand a $400 deposit is required before your seat is saved in the program. $200 will be used for your January tuition, and $200 for December’s class. For the months of February through November in the year, you can pay on a monthly basis when you come to class each time.

  • Class payments: Acknowledge that you’ll provide a credit card to be kept on file. You can pay for class on a monthly basis (by cash, credit card, or check), and your card will only be charged in the event of a missed class or if you drop out of the program mid-year.

  • Missed classes: Acknowledge that you understand you’re committing to the full year’s tuition: $2,400 for the year, which can be paid in monthly installment of $200. You owe for all 12 classes, even if you’re unable to attend in person. If you have to miss a class, an audio recording will be available for you to listen to on your own, or you may choose to meet with another student to get caught up. Unless you make a prior arrangement, monthly tuition for a missed class will be automatically processed using your credit card on file.

  • Program withdrawal: If you withdraw from the program mid-year, the outstanding balance of your annual tuition will be charged to your credit card on file.

Apply for the Year 1 Advanced Energy Intuition Program