Daisy Thompson

Daisy is a world-renowned energy intuitive and healer who can see, feel, and hear the human energy fields and works to bring balance within all levels of a being. Using a combination of healing modalities, including Reiki, Light Weaving, Ancient Hawaiian Healing, and Chakra Balancing, she is able to restore balance, harmony, and wellness.

Daisy’s clairvoyant ability allows her clients to have an open dialogue with their spirit guides. This provides a deeper connection to one’s self and helps individuals manifest the life they want to create. Daisy's powerful healing techniques and intuition provide clients with accelerated healing and clarity in life.



Michelle Crumpler

Michelle is Daisy’s assistant and go-to person for all scheduling and class registration needs. Aside from keeping Daisy organized, she plays the violin, is mildly obsessed with hair products, rides a motorcycle, and names her pets after musical terms. And perhaps the closest thing to an extreme sport that she does is try out new and untested cooking recipes at dinner parties she hosts. Michelle is one of those people who laughs at her own jokes, but the reason is simple: she’s funny.




Hanna is the little healer at Northwest Healing Studio. As part of her job description, she greets clients, holds the space and makes it fluffy, and comes to the rescue for those who are in need of extra grounding. Hanna enjoys the beach, her ball, and is a napping enthusiast.