year 3 Application

2020 Advanced Energy Intuition Program

(Completion of the Year 1 and Year 2 classes are prerequisites)

Year 3 Applicant *
Year 3 Applicant
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Will you be able to attend all 12 class dates in 2020? *
Please tell us what you'd like to work on throughout the year, and also what you'll bring to the community.
Credit Card *
You can pay for class on a monthly basis, by cash, credit card, or check. However, before the start of the class year, each student must provide a credit card number to be kept on file. Your card will only be charged in the event of a missed class or if you drop out of the class mid-year.
Missed Classes *
Tuition is $2,400 for the year, or $200 per month. You are accountable to pay tuition for all classes, even if you're unable to attend. If you have to miss a class, an audio recording will be available for you to listen to on your own, or you may choose to meet with another student to get caught up. Unless you make a prior arrangement, monthly tuition for a missed class will be automatically processed using your credit card on file.
Year 3 Program Withdrawal *
If you withdraw from the program mid-year, the outstanding balance of your annual tuition will be charged to your credit card on file.